PJRC Newsletter Week of March 28th

James Fink


April 1, 2022

Learn to row has begun!

This week was the start of our first Spring learn to row. We welcomed new novices who have no experience in the sport. It's been great to have dedicated coaches who are very familiar with the patience and unique skill set required to work with that level. Love seeing new faces on the water as the experienced team comes in from practice!

Transients and new masters!

This week we welcomed a few new masters, one from the west coast rowing with us for a few weeks! Excellent to have a landing spot for experienced and dedicated racers who want to "plug in" to a strong cohesive environment. We love transients/guests.

We have a few new competitive masters who are learning from scratch but EAGER to learn quickly and most importantly, RACE!

2k Testing

Last 2k of the season to select crews for the upcoming race schedule. Best times were:

Female 6:27

Male 6:22 (certainly on the ivy league track)

Rewards dinner

Coach James took out 6 juniors and 6 masters to The Melting Pot in Farmingdale for a "Thank you" dinner rewarding these select members for their meters done on the Concept 2 rowing machine over the winter. Masters had to do at least 350k with some doing upwards of 750k. Juniors were 500k minimum with some over 750k. To be fit in rowing and win races you MUST do the mileage. There's just no way around it.

New equipment, again!

Since we spend a good deal of resources with boat manufacturers we have the option to test and "demo" their newer fleet boats and see how we like them. On Monday we picked up ANOTHER brand new midweight 2x for use between all programs. That makes 3 new racing doubles!

Spring racing schedule



Saratoga again



We've made some changes and updates to the website. Take a look at The Port Jefferson Rowing Club.

You can sign up for Spring Learn to Row & Summer Learn to Row.

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