Our Mission

Port Jefferson Rowing Club (PJRC) helps promote growth in it's members while connecting them with like minded people who share common goals. We do this through promoting progress and passion for rowing.

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Why we do it

Juniors who come to us with no experience tend to be initially curious of a new sport. We strive to take that initial interest through a seasoned athlete oarsmen.

We serve juniors who come to us with experience. Generally they've found our results and performance and are interested in taking the next step from other programs.

Adults come to us to either continue a sport they once loved or to try something new. We give them the opportunity to be challenged and grow while creating a social outlet for meeting like-minded new people. Having fun is one of the goals of every practice.

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Club Programs

Masters Learn to Row

In rowing we call adult programs "Masters." Masters Learn to Row is a perfect way for those age 20 and over to try our sport.

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Summer Rowing

Summer rowing starts now!

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