Masters Programs

Masters Rowing Programs

Masters is for Adult ROWERS 18+ years old

At PJRC we have a unique adult rowing program. In the same group we have novices who have never taken any strokes before and those who are competing for a race. We keep novice intermediate and elite adult rowers together to build the culture, flatten the learning curve and create a positive social experience. That being said we limit the number of rowers in the adult program so everyone has a great experience. We want to ensure coaching is not diluted and coaching is specific for each person's needs so we can establish and maintain fun and engaging culture. While spots on the team are limited, we would like to get to know a prospective member better by sending us the following information: Name, Gender, Age, Fitness/Sport background if any (not required at all), What brought your interest to PJRC and rowing in general, describe in a few words what you expect to get out of joining the PJRC.In adult rowing we are looking for those who want to get better whether they eventually want to compete or not and want to add to the social experience of the club.Next step after filling out the form, James will reach out to schedule a phone call.

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Masters Programs
Masters Program
April 1st, 2019

The Port Jefferson Rowing Club is starting a Masters (Adult) rowing program. Masters are rowers beyond high school age.

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2020 Masters Winter Training
Dec 03, 2019

For Masters who want to train over the winter months to build endurance, stay fit and ready for spring Regattas.

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