Masters Programs

Masters Rowing Programs

Masters is for Adult ROWERS 18+ years old

AT PJRC (Port Jefferson Rowing Club) we offer any interested adult ages 18+ to try rowing with us. No experiance necessary. A great way to get started is by signing up for our "Masters Learn to Row" below. An introductory course specifically designed to teach the basic fundamentals of our sport.

Masters with prior experience, please reach out to us on our form below or call the number listed for more information. We are happy to have you come down and try us out.

Lastly, the next step from Learn to Row is joining our seasonal club membership. Entry to this is by invitation/evaluation from Learn to Row.

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Masters Programs
Masters Learn to Row

In rowing we call adult programs "Masters." Masters Learn to Row is a perfect way for those age 20 and over to try our sport.

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