Junior Programs

Junior Rowing Programs and Skill Based Levels

Juniors are 12-18 years old

Learn to Row - Requires no prior rowing or athletic experience. Lean to Row is our entry level program. Kids aged 12-18 to can learn to basics of rowing over one week periods, 3 days per week.

Novice - Requires invitation from Learn to Row

Performance Juniors (Varsity) - Requires 1 year of Novice rowing or Invitation based on advanced skill.
The next level after athletes complete their novice season. We introduce them to higher performance rowing and excelling at racing. This is where most rowers will be placed. Some will be selected or choose to move to the next level based on their own interest.

High Performance Juniors (Varsity) - Requires an invitation for specialized training. The elite competitive juniors are few in numbers who have been invited to a small group, who are on track for college recruitment and have been identified for individualized training.
This squad competes with the best rowing athletes in the country at prestigious regattas such as; Head of the Charles, The Worlds Indoor Rowing Championships, The Youth National Championships and the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta in England.
These rowers are on track to be recruited by top schools in the country including the Ivy Leagues and they fully committed to the process of those opportunities in front of them. This sub group of rowers receive highly individualized coaching, consulting and training plans to help achieve their goals of college admittance and scholarship.

Junior Rowing Programs Active Now

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